The Ink Book Temporary Tattoo & Co.

The Ink Book Temporary Tattoo & Co. started as a small company since February 2015 retailing temporary tattoos online. We provide international quality temporary tattoos with a fashionable flair at an affordable price.

Ink Book tattoos were designed for folks who love the art of tattoos but can’t bear the pain or want a permanent ink. A temporary tattoo, a wearable piece of art or a way of self-expression, The Ink Book has stepped into many hearts.

The Ink Book company grew rapidly within 2 years and expanded to the Singapore market as well in 2018.

Our temporary tattoos are International Quality, printed with Soy Ink which is FDA Approved and Safe For Skin(TRA, ASTM, EN71, EU Standards). It is suitable for all skin types, recommended for ages 3 and above.

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