What is The Ink Book’s Temporary Tattoo and how does it work?

The Ink Book temporary tattoo is very easy to use, as just need water to apply. It is also called as water transfer tattoo. You may refer to this ‘Step to Apply’ guide.

Is The Ink Book’s Tattoos safe for kids & me?

Safety is our main concern. The Ink Book’s Tattoos printed with Soy Ink which is Fda Approved and safe for skin(TRA, ASTM, EN71, EU Standards). Yes, it’s safe to use on skin for everyone – just don’t put them near your eyes or other sensitive parts of your body.

How long does The Ink Book’s Tattoos last?

The Ink Book’s Tattoos can last for up 7 days depending on use. Our Inks are waterproof, so that’s not an excuse to refuse a good shower. Remember to aware of scratch or rub them too hard and it will not tear off easily.

How do I remove my Ink?

We don’t know why you would ever want to do that?! But if you do, simply rub it hardly with water & soap, baby oil, make-up remover and it’ll come right off. Using cellophane tapes also does the trick – just paste a cellophane tape on the tattoos and peel.

Can I design my own The Ink Book?

Yup, you can design your own customized Inks with minimum of 500pcs(Each Design) for any corporate events or parties and we’ll get them printed and delivered to you with the highest of satisfaction.

I have an event and how Do I get The Ink Book to be part of it.

We love to see people having fun with The Ink Book for parties and events. Tell us more with us at hello@theinkbook.co

How Do I Proceed To Manual Payment? – Direct Bank Transfer.

1. Select your products to purchase.
2. Click on view cart & get Special Discount for certain amount of purchase.
3. Click ‘Checkout’
4. Fill up your detail, click on ‘Place Order’ & the total payment & detail will be shown.
5. Payment either by Online Transfer or Manual Deposit.
6. You may confirm the payment by sending us the receipt to hello@theinkbook.co or The Ink Book Facebook Messenger and please use your Order Code as our reference to your order.
– Remember to ensure the Account Holder Name is correct.
– Any transfers included Giro/Interbank transfer payment need to be successfully transferred then only the order will be shipped.

Bank: Maybank
Account number: 5051 7651 3609
Account Name: Tay Chin Foo
Bank: Public Bank
Account number: 4515 99 2428
Account Name: Tay Chin Foo