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2019 Flash Slim / Flashy Premium S – Total Slim(Half Treatment)



【NEW Premium Quality】 Flashy / Flash Slim Advanced Premium S【NEW Premium Quality】 Flashy / Flash Slim Advanced Premium S-Strengthening body metabolism rate & Intensely burn fat to Maximize Weight Loss. Formulated with 100% Natural Herbs + Small Portion of Bio-Medicine,(Fiber, Phylium, White Beans, Galcinia, GLA, Korea Green Tea,Korea Red Ginseng, Korea Chinese Yam ), -Absolutely 0% Bouncing Rate & no Side-Effect. ‘The Fat Burning’ period will resulting in Thirsty, Sweat & occasionally Feeling Warm during the process. Continue with the Medicine to let the body adapt to the Functional Cycle.

➤ Flash Slim Premium S – Total Slim Effect:

A New Innovated ingredient which added Korean Green Tea & a small portion of Korean Ginseng Extract to enhance Healthy Weight Lose process & its help to boost Blood Circulation & getting, better Skin Condition & Refreshing Look

⭐ Stubborn & Solid Fat

⭐ Eliminate Edema

⭐ Backside Excessive Fat

⭐ Arm Fat

⭐ Face + Double Chin

➤ Flash Slim Premium S – Bottom Slim Effect:Capsule added to Korea Traditional Medicine to prevents Fat Absorption even after stop consumption, the weight will not bounce back.

⭐ Difficulty in Slimming

⭐ Stubborn Lower Body Fat

⭐ Cellulite

⭐ Any Part on Legs

⭐ Postpartum Belly

⭐ Beer Belly + Normal Belly

⭐ Excessive Fat


2019 Flashy / Flash Slim 全新顶级 Premium S我们与韩国医院精心筹备已久的全面创新顶级Premium S 瘦身丸闪亮推出!!通过加强新陈代谢和强烈燃烧脂肪达到减肥目的地,由100%天然草药+一小部分西药(Fiber ,Phylium ,White Beans ,Galcinia,GLA, Korea Green Tea, Korea Red Ginseng, Korea, Korea Chinese Yam )配制而成, 绝无副作用。-停吃不反弹。服用后会觉得口渴,偶尔觉得热流汗多 这个是因为脂肪在燃烧。持续服用让身体适应功能循环就行了。

-全新顶级Flashy Premium S 功效:

➤ 顶级深色瘦身胶囊 -全新瘦身胶囊添加韩国绿茶和小部分韩国高丽参成份,不权让您瘦得健康,还具有补血养颜帮助您瘦下后也拥有好气色!

➤ 有效针对

⭐ 顽固体内脂肪

⭐ 消除水肿

⭐ 背部赘肉

⭐ 手臂脂肪

⭐ 脸部 + 双下巴脂肪

➤ 顶级白色平腹瘦腿胶囊 – 全新平腹瘦腿胶囊添加了韩国山药抑制脂肪吸收,就算停服用也不必担心复胖!

➤ 有效针对抗

⭐ 体难吸收体质

⭐ 顽固下半身脂肪

⭐ 蜂窝组织

⭐ 大象腿 + 小腿

⭐ 产后松弛肚皮/赘肉

⭐ 啤酒肚 + 肚腩

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